Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Feel The Rain And It's Telling Me To Go Far

A rainy and dismal day in Durham, i hoped for snow that never came.

I was really tired this morning after staying up all last night waiting for an email from a Vogue Hommes Japan about printing my recent Animal Collective photos in their upcoming issue. I started my morning with my radio show (Meow Mix) on WXDU and did a photo shoot with Tiffany directly after.

Maybe it was the fatigue or the fact that I had a camera on me, but I began seeing everyone as a possible subject. So I stopped at whole foods and started "shopping". Eventually I was successful, but I had to ask a few people first.

A young woman who seemed genuinely interested in the project until I mentioned the kissing and she claimed "to have a headache". A mother of two adorable children seemed perplexed at first and then refused because she said she was not photogenic (untrue and I tried to convince her otherwise). A middle aged man who wished me luck but refused on account of his "very jealous wife". I explained that the kiss did not have to involve physical contact, but he still refused. I sent a text to alexis that read "it is much easier to convince people in a bar to kiss".

Yet, I think rejection is something Alexis and I need to get more accustomed to because we are asking people to let their guard down. In a way I wish I could capture the moment on people's faces when I say "but in our photos, the two subjects are kissing". Maybe we lack credibility at this moment because we don't yet have our Mini Moo's or we are unpracticed on delivering what the essence of our project is. Both will come with time.

I eventually ran into Gillian (No Profession Listed) and Walter (Physician's Assistant). Gillian made it clear 

i will not put my lips on a stranger.

The two of them blew an awkward and yet endearing kiss to one anther in the produce department.

I know both were rushing to finish their shopping and didn't have time to stop and do an interview, so to Gillian, Walter and everyone else who might be reading this blog, write to us at We would love to hear your thoughts on why the kiss is so important or what your favorite kiss has been or the story of your first kiss.


Because we're all family

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