Friday, January 30, 2009

Stefan And Stephanie

I love the names. 

I had an opportunity to interview Stefan about a few things. He was really enthusiastic about the project and mentioned his brother lives up in NY so, if all goes to plan, we can get Stefan's brother in the book too. Small world.

J: Tell me about your first kiss.
Stefan I was 17 and a freshman in college at Swarthmore. I had just come from a non-competitive hockey game where I was manager. I came back to campus with a beautiful Bulgarian sophomore from the team and she and I kissed on the whispering bench.
J: I love those. The acoustics let you talk to each other from across the room with only a whisper. Now the big philosophical question...What is kiss? Why do you think the kiss is part of our culture and social evolution?
Stefan: I guess in a way it is all about closeness and comfort. The mouth is intended for clean things and so to be close to someone your mouth becomes an indication of how you are with a person you are kissing. In a way the kiss is a manifestation of your inside or outside self, in the philosophical sense, the more you are comfortable and close with someone the more you let them inside and the mouth is a conduit for that. 


Because we're all family


  1. I love the answers people come up with for you questions. Yay J!!!

  2. Agreed, that was a wonderful, thoughtful response. It's great how often y'all are posting these pics. Man, NYC is certainly alive with kisses!