Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Photo by Cig Harvey
It is Wednesday, 7:59am, and I am sitting at my desk in my apartment, thankful for the moment I have here before the day hoists itself upon me with the weight of wet clothes. There is a beautiful snow falling in New York City. It's amazing how snow seems so instinctively to represent childhood for so many people. Perhaps it's because it is simple and light. Perhaps it's because, if only for a moment, it forces even the most hurried of people and cities to slow down. It is nice to slow down. 

Like snow, Cig Harvey's photography forces one to slow down. It is delicately arresting in its childlike imagery. While a very proficient commercial photographer for clients like Kate Spade, it is Harvey's personal work that really captivates me. In it she features the softer side of life with her colors and compositions. I like nostalgic looking pictures and nostalgic ways of life and Cig emulates both, as shown in her work (An Archeology of Distraction) and her home (her new series 350 Main Street is shot in around her Maine farmhouse). 

While I definitely gravitate toward the nostalgic- Eggleston, Strand, etc.- what I love about Kissing Strange is that it has no temporal limitations. It is boundaryless. This is another wonderful aspect of collaboration: you are guaranteed to get a taste of many flavors, times, ideas, styles. I am very excited by Jay's photo of Lisa and Adam, for example. It is a flavor I would not have discovered on my own and something about it, this student and this Army man, really touches me. While I am deeply mired in some very stressful, very frenetic pre-pre-production at work, I hope to create a touching moment of my own out in the world today, bringing two strangers together in a kiss, somewhere in the snow.

Because we're all family

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