Monday, January 26, 2009

Here, Have a Mini-Moo!

There are many things that move me in life- the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, dark skies before a Midwestern storm, water lapping against the hull of a boat anchored in a lagoon- but nothing moves as much as one human being moving another. To that end, thank you Ari Folman for Waltz with Bashir.

I haven’t spent much of my time pondering this point but it is an observation that has crystallized for me in the making of this project, evidenced by my reaction to the comments and feedback J and I have received since announcing Kissing Strange. People I know from my hometown in Iowa; people I don’t know from towns I've never heard of in Croatia; people who have been lurking in the woodwork of my past here in New York; they have all crawled to the fore to express support and appreciation for the objectives of this work. To all of you, I am moved and extremely grateful. Keep spreading the word and if you or anyone you know would like to participate by being on camera, please reach out. J and I are on the boundary-breaking hotline. We can be found by clicking our pictures below the About This Project box to the right, or you can just email us at

So the status update for today is as follows: I realized that the next month of my life is going to be absolutely hectic. I’ve been given an inordinately minimal amount of time to produce 2-5 television commercials shooting in Los Angeles in the coming weeks. While under normal circumstances this might frustrate me, it presently excites me to no end. Think of all the kissing strangers I will encounter! And think of all the good weather! I'll have every crew member kissing every extra and/or passing gawker I can find, believe you me. 

In an effort not to come off as a perverse voyeur who just walks around setting people up for awkward shots, J and I have, quite wisely I think, decided to invest in some business cards- mini-moos, as explained later- to give the strangers we approach a taste of what this project is all about. I like to think of them as Mentos- refreshing, minty ice breakers. "Here, have a mini-moo!" 

We hope these cards will buy us some legitimacy when we pounce on people from the backs of public park benches and such. The beauty of the internet is that one minute you can say, "Hey, I want some business cards with a picture on it to disarm those I pounce on in public parks!" and the next minute, you can have it. It is for this same reason that I can say with certainty that regardless of whether a publisher backs Kissing Strange as a book, it will absolutely one day be a book. Self-publishing is just that easy now a days. All we can hope is that you will buy said book, but more on that later.... Back to the cards.

After a test printing I did some time ago with, J and I went ahead and ordered a few, or a hundred, mini-moo cards from them. (In the name of full disclosure, I'll add that J and I in NO WAY receive ANY KIND of ANYTHING from, outside of the cards we actually order, and pay for. When they start paying us, we’ll know we’ve made it and we'll be absolutely sure to rub it in your faces.) Above is the design of the first printing of cards I ordered. It's pretty much what you see on the site. More exciting will be J's printing, which will feature one of his fine photographs, a photograph that, if we're lucky and if the little text message fairy is right, may also be revealed on the site later tonight. 
Stay tuned!

Because we're all family

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