Friday, January 30, 2009

Various Artists - A Party of Special Things To Do

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ps. you Divinity School kids know how to throw down.

It was an incredibly productive night for Kissing Strange. As was pointed out in the comments, Alexis and I seem to be playing to our comfort zone at this moment. This seems true to a certain extent as most of the people kissing, especially in this set, are the same age. Physical attributes like Age, Beauty and Ethnicity are the "instant gratification" aspects of meeting a stranger, beyond that it's anybody's guess. On the surface it may appear that we are making the obvious connections, if you look behind the curtain there is something altogether different.

I did an interview with Matt Brandau (married) who refused to be photographed.

J: Why won't you kiss somebody? It doesn't have to be on the lips. 
Matt: It is simply not okay. Cheating is defined by the significant other and until you get the okay...don't do it.
J: Even blowing a kiss to someone in a photo?
Matt: Well, what does that mean to an outside observer? Blowing a kiss to me is like love. 
J: But not all kisses mean love. I see what you are saying though, it is going to depend on the person. What does a kiss mean to you?
Matt: A kiss is a symbol of love and affection. It is something personal and sensitive - and it can be passionate- but it should be reserved for the person you are "with."
J: How about the person you are with, tell me about your first kiss with her or your first kiss ever.
Matt: You are going to love this. I was 12, playing spin the bottle and [laughs] she totally dissed me. I was a 12 year old boy and she was a 12 year old girl which means we were like 10 years apart. The bottle landed on us and I leaned in for a peck and then there was more than just a peck. She said to me "Damn you don't know how to kiss...I gotta teach you." 18 years later and we are married.

Matt and his band The Old Ceremony are playing Cat's Cradle on Valentine's Day.

You can see the big versions on My Flickr

Valeria and Dan

Dan: I got sprayed with beer and then I got to kiss a pretty girl. Not a bad night. 

Warren and Aleksandra

Warren: I'm gay, but you are beautiful. I will definitely kiss you. 

Nicole and Julie

J [to Julie]: I know you asked me to find a boy...

Jeanie and Bobby (blogspot)

Jeanie: I'm engaged, but you have been making me dance.

Ashley and Julian

Julian: Let me see the [first] photo. No no no. We have to do that again. 

Amy and Nathan

J [to Amy]: ...It doesn't have to be on the lips, it could be an air kiss, kiss on the forehead, eskimo kiss...
Friends: ESKIMO KISS!!! [Amy is from Alaska]
Amy: Okay. Eskimo kiss.
*Party Erupts*

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  1. Interesting project with many possible variations in the experiment such as age, age relation to subjects, the level of alcohol and the absence of it, location and environment, marital status, health, stress, type A and B personalities, etc....

    A controlled blind fold (literally) study would also provide fascinating data.

    I'm intrigued by your idea and encourage you to continue this fun and educational work!!


  2. Omg! You weren't kidding about running out of releases, J! These are great! I particularly like Jeanie and Bobby and Ashley and Julian. Man, now I feel the heat. Best get cracking. So sad I had to take down my photo from yesterday. Oh well. I guess I have to photograph drunk people who can never get in touch with me :) Great looking stuff. I promise to bring something to the table today.

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